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Updated March.
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Over the 40 years during which HOLDEN+BOLSTER has been in practice we have focused on developing particular skills in a wide range of fields.   Some of the areas in which we have highly developed expertise are:

For Businesses

1. Business structuring advice.
2. Strategy and implementation.
3. Purchase and divestments.
4. Acquisition due diligence.5. Auditing
6. Compliance undertakings.
7. Financial Planning.

8. Succession Planning.

9. Annual Financial Statements.
10. All Tax preparation and lodgement.

11. Maintenance of company registers.


For Individuals and Families

1. Income optimisation advice.
2. Taxation and structuring.
3. Use of Trusts and Private Companies.
4 . Estate Planning.

5. Optimised financial advice.
6. Superannuation strategies.
7. Employment contract advice.
8. Investment income strategies.
9. Annual taxation reporting.


We can do some or all of these for you. We view our engagement as a fundamental enabler for seeing and doing much more than just solving current needs.   For businesses it means they have expertise onboard without the costly senior position recruitment and employment.   For individuals it means they have the skills at-the-ready without having to search-and-find many singular experts.

You can engage us on a long-term basis to partner with you as you grow and develop your business or you may be seeking an independent voice to develop a particular project or solve a specific problem.   


Telephone +61 2 9241 7701.